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Meet Terry Perkins

Hey! I'm Terry.

At the intersection of faith and works, stands a personal philosophy that has guided me through my childhood into my adult life: it’s not how you start, it's how you finish. Born and raised in the housing projects of Pleasant Grove, I learned that through hard work and persistence, I could overcome my circumstances and uplift others who were in the same predicament.

Though my parents were absent for the majority of my childhood, my siblings and I were blessed to have been raised by our grandmother, a woman of great strength and conviction. As a teenager, I worked washing cars and making deliveries for UPS to help my family. After graduating from Spruce High School, I was able to save up and buy my first house in Pleasant Grove.

Pleasant Grove is the home of my non-profit organizations, my church, my community service projects, and most importantly, home of the passion I have for serving the people. 

I'm a non-profit leader.

I started working with and mentoring kids in my neighborhood whose lives reminded me of my own. Having that perspective, I understood that a child’s environment will strongly influence their growth and shape the adults they become. In 2005, I established Passage of Youth, a non-profit that provides orphans a safe environment and resources they need to thrive, while offering support and resources to foster parents to assure ideal services for their children. There are different centers in Pleasant Grove where children not only have a safe place to go, but mentorship from a caring team that continues to empower them through community service and civic engagement projects.

I'm a pastor.

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Becoming an active member of my church, I was inspired to enroll into Dallas Baptist University to go into ministry. I continued my studies at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and later studied at the Oxford School of Theology and religion. In 2012, I started Abundant Grace Church in Pleasant Grove to help heal my community. Since its inception, AGC has grown and implemented hundreds of community projects to serve those in need every year. Through this avenue, we have been able to feed, clothe and offer an abundance of resources to our neighbors.

I'm a community activist.

Pleasant Grove has given me so much in my personal life and professional career, I understand it is my responsibility to continue to give back. That is why I created a community service group P3 Perkins Pushing out Poverty, where my team and I feed thousands of families, who’ve been victim to systemic discrimination, which has become even more prevalent now during COVID-19. Families who’ve suffered from job and income loss, line up 3 times a week to receive not only groceries, but clothes, toiletries, furniture and other resources. They get assistance registering to vote and registering for the vaccine if they need help. My team and I also go around PG and hand blankets to the homeless community, clean up graffiti for residents and clean up litter. 


I'm your choice for Dallas City Council District 5.


Having been appointed on many boards and commissions for the city of Dallas, I understand it is not enough to create incremental change through community service, but it is imperative to create systemic changes through policy. I have served as a representative for Pleasant Grove residents on the City of Dallas Parks Board, Monument Task Force, Board of Adjustments, and Cultural Affairs Commission, ensuring that resident’s voices are not ignored. Being in close proximity to the leaders of District 5, I’ve learned that PG residents voices aren’t being heard. We need leaders who’ve proven their passion for serving the people of Pleasant Grove. I’ve done that. Now I need your help and support to take that passion to city hall and bring real change to Pleasant Grove. 

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